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I Followed The Guideline, Now What?

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Once you are sure that your material conforms to our Submission Guideline, and you have reviewed our Co-Publishing Agreement, you are ready to send your music in.

Please follow our Submission Procedure for getting your music to us.  If you have a lot of music that you want to send, please put them in a Zip file.

Submission Procedure

  • Email – no more than 3 MP3’s per email (remember the lyrics)

Preferred File Share Services Include:

We like these because we can play the music directly from the website without having to download it.


You may also send via another file sharing service such as:

These services allow you to share large files as well, however they require the files to be downloaded first before we can listen to them.

If you are sending AIF Files then you will need to use one of the File Sharing Service above since AIF’s are too big to fit in mailboxes.

→    Please DO NOT send links to SoundCloud/FaceBook/YouTube or similar sites.  Much of our listening is done while not in front of a computer.


Email Addresses For Submission

Please send all music & lyrics to:



Question: How long does it take for you to listen?  Can/Should I Call?

Answer: Our average listening response time is 8 to 10 weeks, you may call or email after that time period has elapsed but please wait until AFTER the allotted time has passed first.

Question: Do you call/email everyone back?

Answer: We generally only contact those whose submissions we are interested in.

Question: Do you offer any kind of publishing deals/advances?

Answer: No, we work on a song by song basis and offer a Co-Publishing Agreement.  (See Info in Submissions: Step 2)

Submitting Music To Us

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Please make sure that you follow our Submission Guideline (see below) when preparing your music to submit to us.  You can download the Submission Guideline using the link to the right if you want to always have a copy on hand.
Submission Guidelines

As of January 1, 2010, we can no longer accept music that does not conform to our Submission Guidelines so please use these Submission Guidelines when sending music to us.


♦  Accepted Music Formats:    MP3 & AIF

  • MP3 files should be 320 kbps * /44.1 KHz Stereo or Joint Stereo  * Please use Constant Bit Rate when encoding your MP3 files.
  • AIF files should be 16 bit/44.1 KHz Stereo

Please do not submit the following:  iTunes Files (.m4a or .aac)  /  Windows Media) Files (.wma) /  Wave Files (.wav)


  • Lyric sheets are required for submissions unless it is instrumental only music.
  • Please attach the lyric to your email as a file, do not paste lyric into email.
  • Lyric files should be Word Documents (.doc)  /  Portable Document Files (.pdf)  /  Rich Text Files (.rtf)   /  Text Files (.txt)

Please do not send Apple/Mac Pages Files (.pages)

File Naming:

  • File Naming for MP3’s, AIF’s & Lyrics should conform to proper English upper & lowercase letters and should be the full complete title without any abbreviations.

Please do not use ALL CAPS!


File Tagging / Metadata

  • All MP3 & AIF files should have the following metadata already tagged into them.

* This information should also conform to proper English upper & lowercase letters without any abbreviations.




♦  Minimum Metadata Required:

Name    ←    Song Title

Artist    ←    Singer or Band

Year    ←    Year the song was composed

Composer    ←    All songwriters, First & Last Name
(Click On Picture To Make It Bigger)


♦  Submission Protocol:

  • Even if you are only submitting a rough demo, please make sure that you follow this guideline.
  • Without knowing what file is going to be forwarded and to whom, this guideline will ensure that all bases are covered.


♦  Returned Submissions:

  • Submissions that DO NOT meet these guidelines will be discarded.



Submissions: Contract Agreement

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Submission Review

After we have reviewed your submission and we have decided to work your musical composition(s), we require you to enter into a Single Song Co-Publishing Agreement (<– Click To View).




Please make sure that you have reviewed the Agreement BEFORE you submit any material to us and that you and/or any of your co-writers are also agreeable to do this same deal.